My exclusive intention in creating this website is for sales of e-books written by me based on the experiences I have gained through observations of the problems a section of the society is facing on the planet and thinking about how they can be solved with the help of technology tools? I have started writing these books on different subjects from 2013 onwards and continued till date based on the hunches that I have received from cosmos of the universe and also by applying the relevant knowledge gained through the reading of written material authored by great scholars.

I am of the firm belief that a single man cannot handle a very big task single-handedly, no matter how mighty he might be. One needs co-operation of fellowmen to complete a gigantic task. But single-handedly a person can ignite the minds of nearest and farthest of the people with his conceived ideas by presenting them in a broad way through various communication channels and the book is one among them; resultantly after reading such books the networking of like-minded and capable people might be possible to tap the real resources lying in those hidden ideas which have the capacity to change the world. This is where I found that translating my ideas into e-books are the best way and exposing them to the world community without any barriers is yet another finest way to achieve the desired results for the socio-economic benefits of the many.

Thus ruggedly handsome and iconic products or processes can emerge. Generation of ideas are neither monopolistic nor they can be limited to a handful of persons. As said by Edwin Elliot “By being yourself you try to put something in the world that was not there before.” And creating this website and bringing my conceived ideas through e-books is, of course, a small step in this right direction. Through my e-books, I want to provide a way for the large congregation of entrepreneurs, business tycoons, professionals to achieve what they want to, and in the process, lift each other. I will become very happy and humbled to see if my e-books can become successful tools to create fabulous riches across the globe.


How to Magically Transform a Democracy

Arise, awake and stop not . . . till the entire GST collection reaches the government’s treasury in real time


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Are you a real patriot and want to see that entire GST collected by each registered dealer must reach governments’ treasury immediately? Are you a vigilant consumer who want to ensure that GST paid by you to a middleman dealer must be deposited in governments’ exchequer without a trace of doubt and leakages? Have you purchased groceries from a shop and paid GST to the dealer thinking that he will be deposited with the government but do not know whether he deposited or not? Do you believe that GST paid by customers to registered dealers is meant for the nation’s development and progress but not sure that such dealers are becoming a hurdle by not depositing it? Are you a person of such intention that GST paid by countrymen must reach its destination with cent percent transparency? Are you a believer that the GST collections will not be left to the mercy of anybody? Are you a strong supporter that the willful evasion of GST for unscrupulous registered dealer must remain a nightmare in his dream? Is it not your burning desire that Government must become rich by earning more than INR 1,00,00,000.00 (Rupees one lack crore) per each year from GST collections in India?

Then make sure you must read this book to know the path which will lead to riches for Public fund to become even bulkier!!!

The Magic of Converting Non Performing Assets Into Performing Assets

Terminate NPAs successfully into PAs Quickly and Efficiently


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Do you want to become a cog in the wheel of trillions of dollar untapped economy lying worldwide? Do you want to bring life to such a hugely piled riches through your prudent strategies? Do you want to benefit yourself and bring smiles on many faces in the eco-system which I have disclosed in this book? Do you have the capabilities to form a good and great team to achieve the desired results? Do you believe that managerial professionals, software codifiers, capitalists and financial experts together by coming on a platform can solve one of the acute problems this world is facing right now? Do you think that the technology has capabilities to disrupt some of the grave problems we are facing in regards to the stagnant properties?

Then definitely, this book is for you and you have to turn its pages at least three to four times to understand the concept embedded in it — if at all you want to try to bring it into reality by creating a digital platform that offers comprehensive eco-system. Even after reading 3-4 times, if you still feel that you cannot become a part of narrated eco-system of this book, then also nothing to be worried about but at least you will have complete satisfaction of learning such tactics which might prove to be beneficial, helpful and useful in your future endeavors in any field.


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