Waste to Wealth

Waste to Wealth
June 30, 2019 maker
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I will be putting my penned thoughts in my blog related to many issues before you all that our societies are facing today and how they can be solved by creating innovative tech-based platforms in the form of start-ups, so that not only a lot of business opportunities can be created but also a better to live place for our communities in the globe can emerge. Let us start by giving prior importance to our planet and environment.

Don’t put every burden on the shoulders of democratically elected governments even though it is their prime responsibility to protect the environment and upgrade the deteriorating conditions in climate change, but see how by finding ways and means we can create wealth from waste so that we can put pressure on them or help them out to adopt our strategies of startups to curb the menace.

One such waste I will be talking in this BLOG and a series that follows is about calcareous stone slurry which is produced in abundance as waste material in mineral-rich belts of India and perhaps the globe. This waste generated material has also posed a major threat to the local environment. Let us create new start-ups which can find a solution to such an environmental hazardous waste. In a series of BLOGs I will try to reveal a strategy so that how this waste can generate wealth with conversion into eco-friendly useful articles to be sold profitably in the market.

In upcoming several blogs which I will be posting every month or fortnightly or so, I will be able to present a clear strategy about this industrial waste and how it can be converted into a profitable venture for promoters. Continued in the next blog…..

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