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Rajgopal Sarda

An avid reader, an occasional writer, and an aspiring environmentalist, I currently live in Hyderabad India. I like exploring new places, enjoy working on exciting projects and I have a wide interest in social issues. With a vast experience in dealing with Small & Medium Enterprises, I always focus on thinking creatively with a positive mental attitude for any problem that I encounter along the way
It was in the year 1994 when I was attending a seminar on personality development in Hyderabad, then I truly understood the importance of meditation in human life. Right then, I made up my mind to learn the technique of meditation and after much toil and turmoil found scientifically proven vipassana as the best form to undergo and practice. But after completing a ten-day residential course I came to an understanding that the ultimate goal of this technique is liberation from all kinds of bondages for a human being and that’s why this technique is placed on the highest level in the path of spirituality. After completing a course in it, I discovered that my creative juices started flowing and I had also cultivated an acumen for analytical thinking which enabled me to solve complex problems. As a result, I developed a professional bent of mind.
Without a second thought, thereafter I have not only attended more ten-day residential courses but also regularly practiced this technique for one and a half hour every day in two sittings at home with the ultimate goal of attaining spirituality without expecting anything in return. As we progress on this path, it becomes inevitable to a meditator that the creativity levels develop on its own as a by-product out of this technique apart from improving one’s working skills. I also found that my logical and analytical thinking levels were improving immensely on this path. My levels of imagination were increasing to leaps and bounds as well.
This is where I was observing the things around me and found it fascinating how I was able to find solutions for problems through technology tools. This boosted my morale and allowed me to first identify problems that society is facing and then find solutions to them in the most logical and analytical way. Loads of practical knowledge that I have, allowed me to apply logic very easily.
And the present e-book and upcoming ones are the results of my extended hours of work. Read, enjoy and implement them if you can, to become a part of the eco-system. I’m sure by reading this book, you will lead yourself to such a path of deep understanding where solving your daily problems will become easy for you.