How to Magically Transform a Democracy

How to Magically Transform a Democracy


Arise, awake and stop not . . . till the entire GST collection reaches the government’s treasury in real time


Are you a real patriot and want to see that entire GST collected by each registered dealer must reach governments’ treasury immediately? Are you a vigilant consumer who want to ensure that GST paid by you to a middleman dealer must be deposited in governments’ exchequer without a trace of doubt and leakages? Have you purchased groceries from a shop and paid GST to the dealer thinking that he will be deposited with the government but do not know whether he deposited or not? Do you believe that GST paid by customers to registered dealers is meant for the nation’s development and progress but not sure that such dealers are becoming a hurdle by not depositing it? Are you a person of such intention that GST paid by countrymen must reach its destination with cent percent transparency? Are you a believer that the GST collections will not be left to the mercy of anybody? Are you a strong supporter that the willful evasion of GST for unscrupulous registered dealer must remain a nightmare in his dream? Is it not your burning desire that Government must become rich by earning more than INR 1,00,00,000.00 (Rupees one lack crore) per each year from GST collections in India?


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