The Magic of Converting

The Magic of Converting


Non Performing Assets Into Performing Assets
Terminate NPAs successfully into PAs Quickly and Efficiently


Do you want to become a cog in the wheel of trillions of dollar untapped economy lying worldwide? Do you want to bring life to such a hugely piled riches through your prudent strategies? Do you want to benefit yourself and bring smiles on many faces in the eco-system which I have disclosed in this book? Do you have the capabilities to form a good and great team to achieve the desired results? Do you believe that managerial professionals, software codifiers, capitalists and financial experts together by coming on a platform can solve one of the acute problems this world is facing right now? Do you think that the technology has capabilities to disrupt some of the grave problems we are facing in regards to the stagnant properties?

Then definitely, this book is for you and you have to turn its pages at least three to four times to understand the concept embedded in it — if at all you want to try to bring it into reality by creating a digital platform that offers comprehensive eco-system. Even after reading 3-4 times, if you still feel that you cannot become a part of narrated eco-system of this book, then also nothing to be worried about but at least you will have complete satisfaction of learning such tactics which might prove to be beneficial, helpful and useful in your future endeavors in any field.


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